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Design your living environment according to your wishes and needs – simple, comfortable and stylish. With our modular clothes rail systems you can transform any room into a personal oasis of well-being .

Unique in Germany

  • longevity

    Modularity is essential for us because it allows us to ideally realize our principle of longevity.

  • Made in Germany

    Out of love for our homeland and first-class quality, we manufacture our clothes rails entirely in Germany.

  • Individually

    Individualized clothes rails that will be in your home in no time.

Ein robustes Kleiderständer aus Stahlrohr für Ihre Kleidung und Accessoires.

No Chinese goods - We design and manufacture in Germany

Imagine a place where every element is crafted with precision and care, where the use of natural materials is celebrated, and where style and function come together to create products that bring joy and comfort to your home.

This is where we find our inspiration. For us at URB.STYLE it's about creating products that not only look beautiful, but also make you feel good.

That's why we're proud that our clothes rails are made in Germany, with a focus on quality, durability and sustainability. Every clothes rail we make reflects our commitment to excellence. From the high quality materials we use to the attention to detail in our craftsmanship, every element is carefully considered to ensure your clothes rail is not just a piece of furniture, but a statement of your personal style.

So if you are looking for individual furniture that not only looks good but also stands the test of time, then URB.STYLE is the right place for you.

Our commitment to quality, our passion for design and our commitment to sustainability set us apart.

Join us on our mission to make your home a place of comfort, style and inspiration.

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Your home is more than just a place - it is a feeling of security, well-being and authenticity. With a URB.STYLE clothes rail you can give your personal living space exactly these emotions. Show off your favorite clothing items like works of art and showcase your unique personality through the carefully selected pieces that surround you.

Quality, durability and style – that is URB.STYLE

Our clothes rails are made from high-quality pipes and fittings that are made in Germany. The special malleable cast iron process ensures a classic black rustic color that guarantees robustness and stability. Our clothes rails offer a high load capacity, so that even heavy winter jackets and voluminous items of clothing are no problem.

Find the perfect clothes rail for your home

URB.STYLE offers a variety of models to find exactly the right thing for you and your apartment. The Simon wall mounted clothes rail is an excellent choice for those looking for a wall mounted solution. If you prefer free-standing options, our Bob black clothes rail is perfect for you. Discover all of our industrial clothes rails and find the perfect model for your room.

Flexibility and expansion options

We believe that your clothes rail should adapt to your space - not the other way around. Our selection allows you to expand your clothes rail and add new modules as your needs and space evolve. You will find suitable elements and individual parts in our range, and if you need help, we are at your disposal at any time.

Have fun browsing and discovering! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the green chat button at the bottom left or browse our FAQ.

Your URB.STYLE team


In addition, the Keider rod consists of high-quality pipes and fittings (connecting parts) that were made in Germany because we value quality and longevity. The pipes get their classic black rustic color through a special annealing process, which is known for its robustness and stability. This means that all of our clothes rails have a high load capacity and can therefore also carry heavy items of clothing, such as several thick winter jackets.

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